Online Thinking Resources

The Foundation for Critical Thinking explores and expands the knowledge base of critical thinking according to the Paul/Elder model. The site includes a vast resource of materials for students, educators, professionals, and anyone interested in thinking better. This is the place to go to begin your exploration of critical thinking.

criticalthinkingcolor_4 is an excellent resource for Robert Ennis’ articles on critical thinking.

Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization (PLATO) is an organization supporting pre-college philosophy in schools.

Right Question Institute fosters questioning, helping teachers to learn how to teach asking questions, what good questions involve, and where they can lead. Their Question Formulation Technique gives a structure for forming and asking questions.

Visible Thinking provides teachers with a variety of visual strategies to deepen learning systematically. Included are “thinking routines” for the classroom, thinking ideals, and cultivating a school-wide culture of thinking.

Critical Thinking Web offers online tutorials, both print and video, of thinking skills acquisition. From the University of Hong Kong, the site also includes information in Chinese.

Teacher to Teacher

Teacher to Teacher offers videos and documentation of critical thinking strategies for college classrooms. Sponsored by the Texas Higher Education Board, the modules are general enough for all disciplines.


The Critical Thinker Academy is a collection of interesting tutorials on reasoning, argumentation, and writing. The author, Kevin deLaplante is a university philosophy professor and speaks with a refreshing familiarity about the topics. The ideas are presented for use by non-academics and are easily accessible. The only concern is that while some of the tutorials are free, the full library requires a fee.