When we explore a problem, Concepts come into play. Concepts give us a common language, a shorthand so we can all understand things the same way. They are the terms we need to know to explore the problem.

Concepts are abstract ideas that help us organize the world; they name categories that sort out information. Categories group things so that we can talk about the common qualities they have and then see where that quality is found in other places.

Look carefully to see which Concepts are needed to understand the problem. Are there Concepts specific to the problem that need to be explained?

Ideally, we all group things in the same way, give that group the same name, and define it in the same way. But people tend to group differently, so be careful to know how the writer, the speaker, the experts, and you, define each Concept.

Be sure to be able to explain each of the Concepts clearly and precisely. Look for other ways to define the concepts that might help you understand the problem.

Concepts create order, give labels to ideas, and help us sort what we know and what we need to know. They can unlock the world and give us the insights to see things clearly.

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