Going Deeper

This resource is intended only as an introduction to Paul and Elder’s work on the Elements of Thought in critical thinking. It is in no way meant to be comprehensive or exhaustive. There are many books and videos on the topic that cover the elements in depth, and these are tremendously helpful. While there is need not to oversimplify when presenting new concepts, here we are careful to present what is absolutely necessary for the student to begin using the Elements in a powerful and meaningful way.

However, as a practical purpose, this site will concern itself with helping the student and teacher become familiar with the elements, to try them on, play with them, and see how they become the foundation for critical thinking. These are all basic resources that serve as an introductory level. The teacher or student wishing to do deeper, and it is our hope that they indeed do go deeper, the bibliography pages present a wealth of ideas for places to explore. The books by the Foundation for Critical Thinking continue the discussions begun here, while other pages contain resources that relate to thinking and critical thinking.